Stavros Sitinas, Attorney At Law, New York City


Stavros Sitinas, Attorney At Law, New York City
  • "I was rear-ended by a passenger vehicle and I needed shoulder surgery. Stavros Sitinas was recommended to me, and I could not be more impressed and happy with the services I received. He was not only professional and kind, he also guided me along in a way that gave me confidence, and I felt I really mattered to him. I received a generous settlement, as Stavros did not stop negotiating until the very top was reached. I can't thank you enough, Stavros."
    -- Heidi S.

  • "Stavros Sitinas was my attorney in a personal injury case against a large drug store chain. He managed my case from start to finish. My personal review session with him was extraordinary. He revealed a thorough knowledge of the circumstances and showed a sympathetic attitude toward my pain and deprivation of activity in the months following the accident. He understood that the injury deprived me of many of my daily privileges for months, and he secured a fine settlement for me. I think very highly of him and recommend him wholeheartedly to prospective clients."
    -- Theodora G.

  • "I am impressed with the professional way Stavros Sitinas handled my case. His aggressiveness in the courtroom was outstanding. The settlement he obtained in my case was more than I expected, and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. He renewed my faith and trust in the legal profession. We need more like him."
    -- Jonathan A.

  • "Stavros Sitinas is kind, compassionate, understanding, and a genius of a lawyer. I had a difficult case and he handled it with ease, making me feel confident and cared for. I have already referred two people to him, who now feel the same way I do."
    -- Susan R. G.

  • "On October 17, 2002, I took a fall that would forever change my life. While being shown the second floor of my newly framed home, I fell through the wood supports, landing on the cold and wet basement floor. As a result of the fall, I had a shattered back and internal bleeding. Two months, two surgeries, two rods, and 36 screws later, I was permanently disabled and forced into an early retirement. At 46 years of age, in the prime of my life, this was not only physically but emotionally devastating.

    "I met Stavros later that year. During our first meeting I knew something was different about Stavros; he seemed to deeply care about me and my wife. In my life I have never met a lawyer that connects with his clients the way that Stavros does. By helping us settle our suit with the defendants, Stavros ensured that I would never have to worry about being medically retired long before I was financially ready. The settlement we received gives me and my wife peace of mind, and for that we are eternally grateful. I cannot express in words our gratitude; Stavros is like family to us. I highly recommend Stavros not only professionally but personally -- he is a class act."
    -- John O.

  • "I was involved in a bus accident back in 2002. My doctor told me to get a lawyer as I had serious injuries, including a closed head injury. After years of pain and suffering, including surgery, we were ready to proceed to trial.

    "Stavros Sitinas was brought in as my trial counsel. While he was new to me, after our first conversation it became clear that he had compassion for me and for the impact these injuries had on my life. I truly feel he was Heaven sent. He was confident and knowledgeable and I felt secure knowing he was on my side. He fought hard for me and gave me great advice. In the end, he was able to secure a sizeable settlement for me and all I can say is, if I ever need an attorney in New York, the only name that would come to mind is Stavros Sitinas."
    -- Lorraine M.

  • "Stavros Sitinas handled my case not only professionally in an outstanding manner, but as a wholehearted human being too. I am extremely happy with his work as an attorney and as a man of integrity. When I mention the word 'extremely' I mean it, as he is an inspiration of perfect trust for me.

    "I thank him from the bottom of my heart for everything he already did for me. I strongly recommend Mr. Sitinas as the most qualified attorney and righteous person. According to the saying 'the face reflects the inner side of every human being,' Mr. Sitinas is the mirror of his multitalented personality."
    -- Elpida K.

  • "Stavros Sitinas is a compassionate, kind and wonderful individual. He is also an incredible attorney. I suffered in a slip and fall that resulted in three surgeries on my ankle and months of rehabilitation. Stavros was always on my side, keeping me calm and well-informed from our first meeting until after the case was settled. This was a very difficult case to argue, and the amount that was settled on will forever change my life. I say the following with the utmost sincerity: Even if the case had not settled, having Stavros in my life during this very difficult time was essential to my well-being and happiness. He truly cared about me as a person and my situation. I will always be grateful for his compassion and service."
    -- Bonnie S.