Stavros Sitinas, Attorney At Law, New York City
Stavros Sitinas, Attorney At Law, New York City

Product Liability

Consumers have come to expect that a product will perform as described, but few realize that this is, in fact, a legal right: Manufacturers and sellers of products are legally required to ensure their products are not in any way harmful or defective, provided the product is used in the manner the manufacturer intends. This standard applies to every product that is available for purchase -- cars, medicines, machinery, food and drinks, safety devices, toys, and electronics, to name just a few. In addition, manufacturers and sellers are required to list warnings if a product or part of a product is unsafe or harmful if used in a certain way, and to include adequate instructions so that a reasonable person will use the product in a way that guarantees the product will cause no harm. When manufacturers or sellers distribute a defective, mislabeled, poorly designed, malfunctioning, or hazardous product, consumers may be legally entitled to financial compensation.

My expertise includes, but is not limited to, product liability cases involving:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Lead-paint toys
  • Unsafe food
  • Medical devices
  • Defective candles
  • Dangerous and defective table saws

If a family member died or if you or a family member was injured as a result of a mislabeled, defective, harmful, or malfunctioning product, please call 212-539-1800 today for a free, no obligation assessment of your case.

Verdicts and Settlements

Product Liability:
Man thrown over bicycle handlebars
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