Stavros Sitinas, Attorney At Law, New York City

Verdicts and Settlements:

$300,000 Settlement For Leaking Overhead Pipes That Caused A Fall

A 37-year-old security guard working at the Hyatt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan suffered serious knee injuries as a result of a fall caused by a recurring leak from some overhead pipes in the hotel's basement. On the day of the accident, a significant collection of water had accumulated on the floor directly outside the security company's command post. On his way to his shift, the security guard slipped and twisted his knee, causing knee ligament injuries that required surgical repair. He endured a long recovery and spent several months in physical therapy.

Mr. Sitinas sued the hotel for failure to repair the recurring condition that led to this accident. The condition was so prevalent that the security guards had to put out buckets to collect the water on a daily basis. Mr. Sitinas uncovered evidence indicating that the security guards frequently requested that the hotel's maintenance department fix the leaks, but nothing was done. The maintenance department denied knowledge of any such requests, but the security guards produced numerous entries from their activity log book confirming the complaints were made. Faced with overwhelming evidence against the hotel, the defendant opted to settle the matter for $300,000.