Stavros Sitinas, Attorney At Law, New York City

Verdicts and Settlements:

Confidential Settlement from a Bicycle Manufacturer to a 47 Year-Old Man who Injured His Shoulder

Mr. Sitinas obtained a significant, yet confidential, settlement from a bicycle manufacturer who, it was alleged, negligently designed their bicycle. It was alleged that the negligent design of this particular bike caused our client to be thrown over the handlebars of his bike, requiring arthroscopic surgery to one of his shoulders.

In yet another testament to our commitment to resolve matters as quickly and effectively as possible, we were able to resolve matter in just two (2) months from the date of being retained. In that short period of time, Mr. Sitinas was able to not only pin-point the design defect in the bike, but also find other cases where people were injured in the exact same manner and due to the same defect. Moreover Mr. Sitinas was able to prove that the manufacturer not only knew of this defective design but had taken steps to remedy it in subsequent models of the same bike.

With no contest to our claims, the matter proceeded to settlement negotiations, resulting in a confidential settlement amount.