Stavros Sitinas, Attorney At Law, New York City

Verdicts and Settlements:

$382,500 Settlement for a 55 Year-Old Nanny Injured at Work

Stavros E. Sitinas recently obtained a $382,500 settlement on behalf of a 55 year old woman who sustained a fractured distal radius of her left wrist.

This accident occurred on April 30, 2010 at the home of the plaintiff’s employer. Our client, a 55 year old nanny, had been employed by a family living in Port Washington, Long Island, to care for their infant children. The family’s home had an exterior staircase leading from the kitchen down to the backyard. This particular staircase had no handrails. One side of the staircase was completely exposed, with nothing separating that side and the brick patio below it. The other side of the staircase was protected by the side of the house itself, however, there was no handrail on that side either.

The accident occurred when the plaintiff was attempting to walk up the stairs to the kitchen door. When the plaintiff reached the third step, she lost her balance and began falling backwards. She attempted to grab onto a handrail to arrest her fall, but of course, no handrails were present. She then reached out with her left hand to break her fall, suffering a distal radius facture requiring surgery to repair. The surgery included the use of hardware to unite the broken bones in her wrist.

Our client did not know who to turn to following the surgery. By chance, she ran into an old acquaintance on the street, who had previously suffered the exact same injury and was successfully represented by Mr. Sitinas.

The acquaintance recommended she call Mr. Sitinas immediately to take on the case against the homeowner, which she did.

Mr. Sitinas immediately dispatched an expert engineer to take photographs and measurements. Next, Mr. Sitinas checked the requisite State and local Building Codes, and quickly determined that these stairs were in violation of the required handrail provisions. Suit was commenced and shortly after the completion of plaintiff’s deposition, was held a sizeable offer of settlement was extended.

Significantly, this matter was settled before the defendants were deposed and less than one year after retaining Mr. Sitinas as her lawyer. “This is precisely why I opened my own firm in the first place… to provide effective and prompt resolution on matters which likely would have languished for long periods of time at much larger firms”, explains Mr. Sitinas.